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3 decor suggestions to give your pool a laid-back vibe

So you've just upgraded your pool – new deck, salt system and all. What more could a guy or girl ask for? How about a little furniture to make a lazy day in the sun feel like a vacation in the Bahamas? Here are three pieces you'll want to add to your pool area to give it a relaxed, chill vibe. 

1. Chairs and couches
Whether you go the route of some fancy lounge chairs or a nice sofa set – either is a must. Think: Romantic honeymoon along the Mediterranean. The coolest hotels offer a nice place to sit back, read a book or catch a nap by the pool. Cushioned chairs and couches are the gatekeepers to ultimate relaxation. 

2. The table cooler
Once you plop down alongside the pool, chances are you're not going to want to get up for anything. But the fact of the matter is that you still need water, snacks and other supplies that'll keep you healthy while you're out in the sun. The Mayo Clinic cited the National Institute of Medicine, which explained that women should drink 9 cups of water a day, and men should have about 13. It's especially important when you're sunbathing because you can become dehydrated faster.

A food and beverage cooler is an easy solution that allows you to eat and snack without having to go inside. The only trouble is that most are bright and gaudy, which can completely throw the feng shui of your pool off kilter. Invest in a cooler that'll blend in with everything. Consider a multipurpose piece of furniture. A cooler that's also an end table can be aesthetically pleasing, and also serve a purpose. 

3. A cozy throw
Don't underestimate the weather when you're heading out for a leisurely pool day. Sure, you can always head inside if it starts to rain, but some clouds never hurt anyone. You might get a little chilly, and sometimes a towel just won't do. Dress your pool chairs up with some nice throws or blankets. 

It's the perfect way to bundle up a bit when the sun goes down, and a nice gesture to make guests feel warm and welcome during a barbeque. Hang it over your sofa or lounge chairs to make your pool area feel like a cozy living room or bedroom.