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Get your pool ready: 21-point pool inspection

Is your pool system not working as well as it used to? Do you want to make sure your pool is ready for the summer? Maybe it’s time for a pool inspection.

Pool inspections allow pool owners to discover problems before they become costly repairs – from leaks to dirty filters to burnt out pool lights. More importantly, they help identify safety risks around your pool before they negatively impact your family. A proper pool inspection will review the pool structure, pool equipment and general pool safety.

By hiring a professional to perform a pool inspection, you can budget for improvements, get advice on efficiency upgrades and have peace of mind this swimming season. This type of inspection is also ideal for new homer buyers, sellers or real estate professionals that need an experienced eye.

Here is a checklist for a 21-point pool inspection:

  • Check water leveler
  • Check flow rate and pool circulation
  • Check filter pressure
  • Lubricate pump pot, o-ring
  • Lubricate backwash valve
  • Inspect sand/DE/Cartridge filter
  • Check pool and spa lights
  • Check time clock and time pins
  • Check skimmer lid and baskets
  • Check pump impeller
  • Automated Chlorinator system
  • Check pool surface
  • Inspect Automatic Cleaner and hoses
  • Check gate and Jandy valves
  • Check in floor system and screens
  • Inspect pool plumbing for leaks
  • Inspect tile: broken, lose or dirty
  • Deck stains, chipped or cracked
  • Pool surface popping, stained, etched or chipped
  • Cantilever caulking
  • Pool Safety

Poolman offers a 21-point pool inspection that will cover all your pool problem areas. If you’re interested in scheduling an inspection, get a quote online >>